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For Pet Owners

The decision to rehome a pet is a difficult one.  Maybe you got your pet believing they would be a lifelong companion, but circumstances in your life have changed.  We understand.

You've asked your family and friends, you've advertised on Facebook or in the newspaper - but you've had no luck rehoming your pet.  You fear bringing your pet to a shelter, and you're not sure where to turn.  We are here to help.

Connect to an online pet adoption community like ours where pet owners and adopters from our community - right here in Orange and Chatham - can come together with a shared purpose: keeping pets in loving homes.  As a community, we are able to share our available pet profiles with a wide audience and increase the chances a pet owner and potential adopter will connect.


Let Us Help You Give Your Pet a Good Home

If you've decided to rehome your pet, please fill out the form below and send a photo (or two!) of your pet to  We will create a profile for your pet on our website and advertise it for a period of two months.  It's that easy.


Thanks for submitting!

*Please note:
The adoption fee is up to you, the owner, but it is recommended that there be a fee, however small the amount, to attract adopters with good intentions who have the resources to care for a pet. 
The description you provide of your pet should be at least one paragraph.  Anything less greatly decreases the chance of a potential adopter gaining interest in your pet. 
Please, please, please update us at if your pet was adopted or is no longer available.


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