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REHOME O.C. is an online pet adoption community focused on helping pet owners in Orange and Chatham counties, North Carolina, rehome their pets.  Our goal is to connect pet owners with potential adopters, and get pets adopted.

REHOME O.C. was initially funded by Orange County Animal Services through their Pat Sanford Animal Welfare Grant in January 2020. 


This is not a for-profit service; REHOME O.C. does not charge the pet owner or adopter.  Pet owners and adopters create their own terms and conditions; pet adoption fees are at the discretion of the pet owner. 


Answers to F.A.Q.

We are located in North Carolina - not Orange County, California!

This is an online resource only.  Pet owners do not physically surrender their pets to us; we do not foster pets; pets remain at home with their owners until they are (hopefully) adopted.

We rehome domestic pets such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, lizards, and the like.  We do not rehome farm animals.  We do not list pets who have displayed major aggression to people or other animals on our site.  We do not list for-sale pets/pets from breeders.

We are not animal experts!  If you are having trouble rehoming your pet due to an issue such as peeing outside the litter box or aggression, please seek the help of a professional.

Our job is to connect pet owners and adopters.  We do not vet potential adopters.  We take what pet owners tell us about their pets in good faith.  We have no role to play in the adoption process after the connection is made.  Again, all adoption terms and conditions are decided between the pet owner and adopter.

Local Resources

Several wonderful animal resources serve Orange and Chatham counties.  Check these out below:



Orange County Animal Services


Chatham Sheriff's Animal Resources





Farm Friends Rescue


Beautiful Together Animal Sanctuary




Cat Tales Cafe


Chatham Co. NC Lost, Found Adoptable Pets

turtle pants.jpg

Turtle Pants Farm


Paws 4 Ever

Other Online Rehoming Resources

The following are reputable rehoming websites free for pet owners.

Rehome by Adopt A Pet

Rescue Me

Get Your Pet


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